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Pricing for Our Services


There are no ‘one size fits all’ templates for custom web design, we like to create and optimise your site exactly to your specifications.

After an initial consultation we can deliver a quote for work designed to fulfill your needs. Naturally this may change as the project evolves and we can include extra elements as you see fit.


Other Services


Hosting is arranging storage of your website on a server so that anybody can access it around the world. We can arrange this for you, depending on your exact requirements, for about £250 per year.

Domain Registration

We can register the domain (e.g. YourBusinessName.co.uk) for you, these generally cost £10 per year. If you already have a domain registered we can organise for it to point at your new website.


Email at your own domain (e.g. YourName@YourBusinessName.co.uk) always looks more professional and we can set you up with Google (GSuite) or Microsoft Office 365 at a cost of £5-£10 per email address per month.


Search Engine Optimisation is helping your site to rank higher on Google and other search engines. We design all our sites with the technical configuration to help to achieve this goal and we can advise you how to write your content to rank higher. We quote for this on a case by case basis – please get in touch for more details

Social Media

We can create a quote tailored for you depending on how much assistance you need. We can build your presence across many platforms and make it easier for you to build awareness of your business.