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About Us

About Us

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James Brambley

James was born in London and lived there until he attended the University of Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. He worked for an accountancy firm in London which gave him a useful exposure to lots of different businesses and the competitive issues they face. He was always passionate about helping his clients to succeed.

From 2006 James worked as an airline pilot based across Europe and finally London Heathrow. He always wanted to deliver exceptional customer service and achieve the highest levels of safety and comfort.

Ever since he was a child James was interested in computers, the internet and web design. Over the years he has developed his skills and now is focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses with custom built sites in WordPress. He loves a challenge and will do his best to make sure his clients outperform the competition and achieve their goals.

Lorraine Razzell

Lorraine Razzell

When not working for Vector Web Design Lorraine is a qualified dance teacher, director and owner of The Dance Barn Ltd in Oxfordshire.

Lorraine started the business in September 2019 and welcomed over 200 clients to classes in the first year.

She has experience in sales, digital marketing and branding and loves helping clients to develop their online presence and showcase the very best of what they do.

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